Being-Luminous: Welcome to a New Paradigm

How can we shift into a new paradigm? On this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan dives into a conversation on transforming and shaping a new paradigm, a new pattern of thinking and mindset. In this episode she discusses the intricacy involving everything that impacts the shifting into a new paradigm, from spirit, to prayer, to body, to mind, to environment and much more. She uses her wisdom and experience to encourage and share her knowledge in this exciting episode. Tune in to this episode because you won’t want to miss it.


Ayn Cates Sullivan give an hour long monologue on spiritual awakening. She speaks of 5 paths to liberation including:

1) Education
2) Nature and Celtic Shamanism
3) Gurus & Spiritual Teachers
4) Selfless Service
5) That Path of Inquiry

The theme is getting free and establishing Direct Knowing with the Divine.

Guest Night: Ayn Cates Sullivan: Heroines of Avalon and Legends of the Grail CinnamonMoon At Night

Interview with Jeanette Gallagher

Find your magic again with Ayn Cates Sullivan. This is a radiantly lovely interview with Jeanette Gallagher.

Ayn on KSBY

Ayn on KSBY with host Cat Smith on Get Social with Cat. This is a lively audio about the journey to Britain and Ireland to find Celtic Goddesses.

Celtic Goddesses, Heroines & The Missing Feminine

Learn the Story of Emer, Scatach and how a woman assisted a man in becoming a leader, hero or king. Listen to Ayn Cates Sullivan & host Dr Erica Goodstone on Healthy Baby Boomers Network.

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PODCAST with Ayn Cates Sullivan and intuitive host, Monique Chapman

In the #metoo Era, Women Take Strength from the Divine Feminine Essence Passed Down in the Legend and Lore of the Celtic Goddesses and Heroine.

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A Book & A Chat

Join us for “A Book & A Chat” as well as some tales from Heroines of Avalon with British host Barry Eva.

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Inspiration for Women Today

Tekneshia interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan on Bright Side Blog Talk Radio.

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PODCAST with host Dom Brightmon.

Join Ayn Cates Sullivan for an entertaining, inspirational and motivational podcast with host Dom Brightmon.

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Teri Williams interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan

Celtic roots, mystical places, shamans and druids… Teri Williams interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan on Soulful Living.

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Dr Pat interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan

Dr Pat interviewing Ayn Cates Sullivan about the powerful archetypes in Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses.

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Spiritual Handyman Show

Ayn’s interview with Jason on the Spiritual Handyman Show – Myth & Magic.

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Tell Me Your Story – Celtic Myth & Legend

Ayn Cates Sullivan with Richard Dugan: Tell Me Your Story – Celtic Myth & Legend.

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