November, 2021

Sent Thursday, November 23, 2021

Humanity is awakening, and we are busy producing messages in the form of books and podcasts to support the process of our metamorphosis and transformation. Change is always challenging, but at some point a caterpillar must realize it is a butterfly in order for it to fly. As we reimagine ourselves, we must embrace this higher level of evolution. […]

December, 2020

Sent Thursday, December 3, 2020

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Winter Holiday Newsletter Infinite Light Publishing and Media, LLC. I have a message to share that might just make you dance with joy. According to many Western Astrologers, we are preparing enter the Age of Aquarius, a time of increasing love, peace and harmony. I know there is debate about this, and there is plenty of evidence to the contrary, but I have read astrology charts for over thirty years and I believe it is true. […]

April, 2020

Sent Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Summer 2020 Newsletter Infinite Light Publishing and Media, LLC. Are you ready for true freedom and liberation? I certainly am! We are clearly in a time of great change and spiritual awakening. All of us are needed now to dream a new reality into being. Join in the conversation and listen to upbeat interviews, and monologues, on the SuperPowerUp network that support all of us in co-creating a new paradigm. How do we know […]

September, 2019

Sent Monday, September 9, 2019

Summer News For many years I have experienced an inner calling to return home to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Perhaps my ancestors have been prompting my return, or it could have been the horses wishing for green grass that made me actually make the move. I also have a deep love for trees and perhaps they wanted me to rest amongst their roots and branches once again gazing at the skies and remembering the mysteries that my wild inner child still loves. […]

May, 2019

Sent Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ayn’s Newsletter Spring 2019 The Goddess of Sovereignty – Claiming Dominion Over Our Body/Mind The Goddess of Sovereignty A Woman’s Choice If you spend enough time walking in sacred sites, you start to realize there are many mysteries. Over time I began to encounter the Goddess of Sovereignty, and she has many forms. She appears in Arthurian legend as the foul hag or Ragnell, the loathy lady, who helps Gawain, a knight of the round table. In […]

February, 2019

Sent Monday, December 24, 2018

Light in the Darkness Ayn’s Winter Newsletter 2018 Vision Quest This autumn I decided it was time to take a journey through northern Wales. I did not intend to take a casual trip, but a journey to the thin places. I wanted to rediscover magic and mystery. In truth, I was tired of the conflict in the world around me, and I wanted to rediscover hope and meaning. I needed a taste of Avalon. This photograph was taken at Bryn Celli […]